Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pets, Cookie Magazine, and Etsy

I've been watching my mother's pets since last night and have to give Jack, her geriatric pitbull, his insulin shots. There are few things I hate having to do more than give animals injections.
I kept saying, "sorry sorry sorry sorry" as I grabbed his scruff and jabbed him with the needle- he didn't even seem to feel it, but I was so paranoid I'd done something wrong.I had to keep looking in on him every ten minutes or so. "You alive?" Like he'd answer yes or no either way.

I've been reading through a copy of Cookie Magazine from my mother- she isn't trying to drop subtle hints as far as I know- the ladies at her work pass around magazines quite a bit.  I thought it was funny how much I (a childfree woman) enjoyed this magazine.
 It really is quite darling! I really got a kick out of the article on dollhouses- ducklings were included in the photoshoot-

Check out McDuckyPants inside the house on the back! Had they included close-ups, I'm sure it would've been CuteOverload-worthy material.
'Cookie' didn't, at any point, make me wish for a munchkin of my own, but I did keep stopping and thinking, "Oh, that would be PERFECT for ______'s kid". I like to keep a small supply of baby/ child items on hand for gifts on short notice, and I saw so many good ideas in 'Cookie'.

One great gift idea I found by browsing through Etsy- Baby Mohawk hats! They're from Infantile (and they have adult ones also, I think I'd wear a black one).

How cute it that? Very cute! But I would have to get one in a unisex color for my gift stash.
This is the sort of thing, where if no friends or co-workers announced an upcoming baby, in a year or so I could just say, "To hell with that, I'm keeping this and one of the cats can wear it".

It is easy to get lost on Esty- there is so much to look through! For those who don't know, Etsy is, "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade", the variety of products is amazing- from fine diamond jewelry to handsewn cat toys. Many of the items are one of a kind, this is a great site to 
find unique accessories.

The sweetest shop I've come across on Etsy is Ugly Kitty's. Quasi is a rescued kitty with a smooshed-in face, and her human has raised over $1800 for shelter cats so far through her Etsy shop. I think Quasi is adorable, sort of a cat/ French Bulldog hybrid. Check her out!