Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blue Lipgloss, eBay, MAC Dazzleglass

I'm normally a bit of a paranoid germaphobe who would never dream of sharing cosmetics with anyone, but from time to time I buy cosmetics on eBay. I figure that as long as the seller has 100% positive feedback from thousands of buyers, I'm pretty safe.
And of course, the product has to be NEW, not, "Tested only once!".

So, I bought a California Kissin' gloss from Benefit on eBay yesterday, at $9.60 after S&H it was much cheaper than buying it from Benefit ($16 plus S&H).

Cool tones are very flattering to me, and I'm excited about the blue lip glosses that have been coming out lately. The only blue gloss I have right now is from Prestige (a cheapish drugstore brand), in "Ice". I think it is a discontinued color, actually.

The blue is a very white-blue, I can't wear it on its own because it makes me think of trashy girls with bad taste who wear very light lip gloss thick on their lips to make their tans seem darker. 
I cringe when I see goopy whitish lip gloss. Who wants to look like a cheap porn star?
Now, when I wear this gloss over red lipstick- spread on very thin- it looks wonderful. It doesn't make the lipstick look purple (since the blue on top is thin and translucent), it just gives it a cooler tone and gives the color a sort of luxurious depth to it. 

I'm excited about trying California Kissin', and MAC's new Dazzleglass in Comet blue- because they look like sheerer blues, without the white-icing look of my Prestige gloss.

I just checked MAC's website, and Dazzleglass is available! I'm ordering two, both in Comet blue. Funtabulous (violet) looks nice, and I may order it if there are any left Friday. 
Dresscamp went so fast, I'm sort of paranoid about getting the colors I want before they disappear!