Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ink Portrait of Walter and his Cat

I first saw Walter's photo in a LiveJournal community. There is something about this portrait that struck me as being so sweet, and it hit me pretty hard emotionally. On pain medication after having my wisdom teeth pulled and still hurting from the loss of my cat late last year, I got all weepy and imagined a bleak back story to the picture where either the cat had died and Walter was devastated, or where the cat was still alive but very old and sick. I was inspired to attempt an ink portrait of Walter and his cat.

It didn't come out exactly as I'd hoped, but I think I captured quite a bit of the feel of the original picture. It looks quite different from most of my other drawings- I'm not used to doing portraits. I hope that if Walter saw it, he'd be flattered or at least amused by it. He seems like a cheerful and fun guy, so I'm guessing he wouldn't be upset.

But, anyway, I was inspired to try more portraits and I started an ink drawing of my Mummy from one of her old school pictures. If it doesn't come out looking hideously unflattering, she'll be getting it on Mother's Day (but don't worry, she'll get something nice, too, HA).

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