Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lemon Yellow

I'm very into citrus-y, tangy, lemon yellow right now. It puts me in a summery mood, and the scent is just very refreshing now that it is starting to get unpleasantly hot out.

I love a good lemon scented lotion, any lemon-y skincare product actually.  
My favorite that I'm using right now is Booth's 3-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion in Lemon Sugar.

I got it at my local Walgreens, it was a new item they were just setting out, a 32oz bottle for 9.99.
It has alpha hydroxy acids and caffeine to firm the skin. The scent is wonderful, like a buttery lemon cookie. This seems like a hard-to-find product. Usually I can find something online before I see it on store shelves, but the only place I've seen this is at Walgreens. Their site doesn't have it, but they do have a coconut-fig version of the same product.
Walgreens also has a good lemon lotion in their Apothecary line. The scent is a bit more tart, less sugary and buttery than the Booth's lotion, and the price isn't as good, it is about 7.99 for an 8oz bottle.
They also have a lemon cuticle balm that is almost an exact copy of Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees calls theirs a "lemon cuticle creme", but it is more like a wax or balm than a cream.

Even though I have an open tin of the Burt's Bee's brand stuff, when I got a gift set containing the Walgreens lemon balm last holiday season, I had to open it to do a side by side comparison. I couldn't see or smell any difference, so I looked up their ingredients lists, and they are both the same: Sweet Almond Oil , Beeswax , Lemon Oil , Tocopheryl Acetate , Tocopherol - Vitamin E , Cocoa Butter , Candelilla Wax , Rosemary Extract , Beta Carotene. Exactly the same on both!
So, I might just start buying Walgreen's version in the future, it costs $3.99 compared to about $5.99 for BB's.

Another yummy lemon-scented body product- philosophy's Frozen Lemon Custard.
It doesn't have a strong lemon scent, more sweet and... custard-y. It has that good-enough-to-eat scent a lot of philosophy's products have. And like their other 3-in-1s, it makes a great body wash/ bath gel, but kind of sucks as a shampoo. :(

Makeup-wise, the only yellow product I own is in a L'Oreal HIP shadow duo, #538 Flamboyant. I've used it, 
and it isn't terrible, but it really is hard for me to use yellow without looking sickly.
Yellow nail polish just makes me cringe. I don't want people to wear yellow nail polish around me. And I see yellow polish on the toenails as a good indicator of poor taste. *EEEWWWWW*

Moving along. For candy, because you have to have candy, two great lemon candies:
Ferrara Pan Lemonheads. You can visit their site and take a mini-virtual-tour to see how they are made! Pretty fascinating, no? It involves a lot of machines that look like you could lose an arm in them, and a lot of swirling around to get that nice shiny yellow exterior.

For a more sophisticated candy that it less likely to leave hard candy deposits in your teeth after chewing, Frey chocolate in Citron & Poivre is excellent. I try a different flavor from the brand whenever I visit Target, this flavor is described on Frey's site as, "Extra fine dark chocolate with a refreshing dash of lemon and black pepper". I know this may make me weird, but I wish I could taste more black pepper in it,the citrus taste was more obvious to me.  But, the whole combination worked out quite well.

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