Friday, April 18, 2008

Sephora Nail Polishes, Philosophy Cinnamon Buns, and Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection

I got my order from Sephora in today- just some bodywash, nail polish, and an eyeshadow.
(that's my  little Tortie , O'llie, up in the top of the picture. She likes to hang out while I'm experimenting with makeup, and never laughs if I try something really out there)

The bodywash is philosophy Cinnamon Buns, my absolute favorite. Using it is like rolling around naked on top of a giant cinnamon bun. Philosophy says it can be used as a shampoo also, but I don't think it makes a very good shampoo. :/

The nail polishes are Sephora brand. Lacquer polish L21 Mangue & nail polish #60 are the same exact orange. 
Their turquoise blues in the lacquer and the polishes are the same, also. 
Since some of the nail polishes are only $2 compared to $4 for the lacquer,
if there is a color in the cheaper one I get that, since I always use a base coat and a top coat anyway. The orange is nice, sort of pumpkiny, and bright without getting too bright.
The other polishes are nail polish #57 (lavender purple) and lacquer L23 Myrtille (what I'd call a deep periwinkle blue). All of the polishes are solid cream-types, no glitter or shimmer to them.
Sephora's polishes are great, and I like that they come in smaller, less expensive bottles- especially for the odder colors I probably won't wear often.

The eye shadow is from Make Up For Ever- I'd never tried their products but have heard good things about them. I bought a khaki brown color, it went on smoothly, has a lot of pigment, and blends very well. I'm waiting to see how it is on my lids after about six hours or so before I start raving about it and buying more.

OKAY. One of the samples included in my order was for Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection. I'm always looking for a better lip plumper... my lips are pretty full on their own, but I like a really full look. I dabbed on a bit from the sample packet- it is a thick clear gel- and right away my lips were a deeper pink color. In fact, all around the edges of my lips, where I got a bit messy with the gel, were also pinkish. I got suspicious and wondered if this was going to be like Smashbox's O-Glow, where they make claims about micro-circulatory effects but in reality the clear gel turns pink once it is exposed to air. 
The Lip Injection remained clear when I dabbed it on my hand, however. "How odd", I thought, "if my lips are turning pink from the effects of the plumper you'd think I'd feel somethingGAAARRRRHHH!!!!". The stinging that I felt didn't hit until about a minute after I had  put it on. it is unlike any lip plumper- tingling/ burning sensation I've felt. It was really like lots of tiny tiny needles stabbing my lips. I LIKE a bit of a burn, but for a few minutes until the stinging stopped, I wanted to run away from my own lips.
I wish I'd had thought to take a before picture. I really didn't think this stuff would have much effect, especially since it says on the back of the packet, "for maximum long term results, use for a minimum of 30 days- am and pm". That made me think it was more of a hydrating sort of treatment, to reduce lines and increase the volume a bit over time.

My top lip is usually quite a bit thinner than the bottom, as you can see in the above picture the Lip Injection evened things out a lot. The bottom is a bit plumper than usual, but the top lip nearly exploded. I LOVE this. This is so not the lip plumper for anyone with sensitive lips, but it has worked better than anything I've tried in the past.
My lips are still very full and it has been nearly three hours since I applied it. The only thing I don't like is how my lips are still an irritated-pink color at the edges, I will have to be careful applying this in the future.

*trots off to Sephora's site to buy a tube*

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