Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Candy Reviews- Hot & Cold

I bought a bar of Frey's Hot Chilli Pepper chocolate (described on their site as, "Extra fine dark chocolate with an extra hot kick".) last week. I've been holding onto it, because my dentist warned me about eating spicy foods after having my wisdom teeth out. I decided it was safe today, and tried my first square.

I let a small piece of the chocolate dissolve in my mouth. The dark chocolate is extremely rich and smooth. A few bits of dried chili (the fourth ingredient after chocolate liquor, sugar, and cocoa butter) trickled to my throat along with the melting chocolate, and created a slight 'burning' sensation. Once most of the chocolate had dissolved, I was left with most of the dried chili pieces in my mouth, and then I could actually taste the chili instead of just a plain 'hot' flavor. 
The next piece I chewed and ate, and that created a better effect- the heat of the chili and the smoothness of the chocolate combined perfectly, and afterwards there was the slight flavor of chili in my mouth.

Now, Frey's website claims they are Switzerland's #1 chocolate. I have to wonder, does that mean they are the best? Or, if I were to tell a Swiss person I like Frey, would they think, "EEEEEEWWWW. Nasty."? I mean, here in America, certain things that are popular and considered to be '#1' are NOT always the best, they just appeal to the lowest common denominator. So I wonder....

After savoring the last of my square of Hot Chilli Pepper chocolate and pondering over what the Swiss like, I decided to finish with my last Ice Cube.

With an ingredients listing of: "partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sugar, low fat cocoa, whey powder, soy flour, hazelnut paste, lecithin, spice, and natural flavor", one might expect these to taste sort of nasty. One would be wrong.
These are the smoothest, meltiest chocolates I've ever had.
I used to get these all the time, they were easier to find when I lived in the NorthEast
Here in the SouthWest, especially at this time of year, if I want them I have to order them online and pay extra for the shipping option that keeps them cold. So, I savored the last one in my stash. What makes these great is how they manage to make them taste cool.
It has to be that hazelnut paste.

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