Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rescue Beauty Nail Polish

I recently ordered a nail polish from Rescue Beauty Lounge- Recycle, a deep green.

I've been wanting a dark green ever since I wasn't able to get Nars Zulu last winter. I don't usually like paying a lot for a nail polish, MAC is usually a splurge for me at $10 or so.
Recycle ended up costing me about $25 after shipping, but I figured I deserved
a treat since I'd just had my wisdom teeth out, and my face was all swollen, lopsided and painful.
I have to say, I'm very happy with this product- two coats are enough for perfect coverage, and it dries fast to a high shine.
I'm already planning my next purchase- they have a great violet, Purple Haze, that is tempting.

Ah, and MAC's Dress Camp collection is out today.

This is the lipstick, "Too Fab":

Too Barbie-doll pink for me, I can't see putting that on my lips, it would make me look like a preteen. I love the package design with those zebra-stripes, though.

The compact is another story, however:

Bright pink blush usually works really well on my place skin, as long as I don't go crazy with it.
And the shadows look very usable for summer.

The Lipglass lip glosses are nice colors- a gold and what looks like a more silvery pink, but I don't like super-shiny lips, so they wouldn't work for me.

EDIT: Awwwww, same day and EVERYTHING is already sold out? I can't believe it, honestly. I suppose I will keep checking back to see if they miraculously restock- I know that seems unlikely but I've seen it happen at least with the little Fafinette figures, Ermine was marked sold out but then was available again (and now is sold out again, glad I got her when I did!). *prays to the makeup gods*

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